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Flere links
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html.dk HTML.dk - Guide og tutorials til HTML, XHTML, CSS, ASP, SSI og webdesign
ietf.org IETF - The Internet Engineering Task Force
  --  RFC 821: SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
--  RFC 822: Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messages
--  RFC 1123: Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Application and Support
--  RFC 1341: MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
--  --  
Internet Mail Consortium (imc)
--  --  
IANA | MIME Media Types (RFC2045 and RFC2046)
--  RFC 1652: SMTP Service Extension for 8bit-MIMEtransport
--  RFC 1869: SMTP Service Extensions
--  RFC 2109: HTTP State Management Mechanism
--  --  
Persisten Client State - HTTP Cookies (Netscape's Cookie proposal)
--  RFC 2119: Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels
--  RFC 2183: The Content-Disposition Header Field
--  RFC 3492: Punycode for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
--  --  
RACE: Row-based ASCII Compatible Encoding for IDN
faqs.org/rfcs Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives
acm.org ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
 C links
Repeat 500 times: ...
cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/cbook The C Programming Language
  --  Dennis M. Ritchie
--  Brian W. Kernighan
lysator.liu.se/c Programming in C
  --  ANSI C grammar, Lex specification
--  ANSI C Yacc grammar
c-faq.com comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions
andromeda.com/people/ddyer/topten The Top 10 Ways to get screwed by "C"
artlung.com/smorgasborg/Invention_of_Cplusplus The Invention of C++ - Nice bit of net lore
 Fonts links
elfring.com Elfring Fonts
fontshop.com FontShop
ttf2pt1 True Type Font to Postscript Type 1 Converter
squaregear.net/fonts I Shot the Serif - Free Fonts
microsoft.com/typography/ctfonts/WordRecognition The Science of Word Recognition
 FreeBSD links
freebsd.org The FreeBSD Project (The Power To Serve)
  --  FreeBSD Hypertext Man Pages: Index Page
 HTML links
vancouver-webpages.com/META/metatags.detail (A Dictionary of) HTML META Tags
dublincore.org Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)
  --  RFC 2731: Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML
htmlcodetutorial.com HTML Code Tutorial
rfc1866.txt Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0
htmlgoodies.earthweb.com HTML Goodies
mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/tut Writing HTML (a tutorial for creating web pages)
 Java links
cafeaulait.org Cafe au Lait Java FAQs, News, and Resources
  --  Brewing Java: A Tutorial
--  Java Lecture Notes (Introduction to Java Programming)
lowagie.com/iText iText, a Free Java-PDF Library Home Page
wickedcooljava.com Wicked Cool Java
docs.rinet.ru:8080/KofeynyyPrimer Java By Example
devdaily.com/java/edu/pj Learn Java - Pure Java Education Center
WDVL.com/Authoring/Java Web Developer's Virual Library: Learning to Write Java
javaboutique.internet.com Java Boutique
devicetop.com devicetop.com
javaskyline.com Java Skyline
javacoffeebreak.com Java Coffee Break - free guide to the world of Java programming
math.hws.edu/javanotes Introduction to Programming Using Java
jars.com JARS.COM - The #1 Java Review Service
geocities.com/lkp550/JAVAHUT Learn Java from the ground up
sys-con.com/java Java Developer's Journal
kaffe.org Kaffe.org
devx.com/javapro DevX Java Pro
fawcette.com/javapro Java Pro (Magazine)
javaperformancetuning.com Java Performance Tuning
 JavaScript links
WDVL.com/Authoring/JavaScript Web Developer's Virual Library: Authoring JavaScript
dynamicdrive.com Dynamic Drive (dhtml scripts for the real world)
edwardh.com/jsunit JsUnit (by Edward Hieatt)
 LaTeX/TeX links
www-texdev.ics.mq.edu.au/l2h/docs/manual LaTeX2HTML
tug.org TeX Users Group Home Page
miktex.org MiKTeX Project Page
texwin Tex/LaTeX-Shells f. Windows
 MySQL links
mysql.org MySQL The World's Most Popular Open Source Database
sql-info.de/mysql/vs/mysql-oracle MySQL versus Oracle
  --  MySQL Gotchas
--   --   [Rails] mysql dates
 Open Source links
gnu.org GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
osdn.com OSDN: Open Source Development Network
opensource.org The Open Source Initiative
softpanorama.org Softpanorama (slightly skeptical) - Open Source Software Educational Society
opencontent.org OpenContent
ingres.com Ingres Corporation - Home (Business Open Software)
 Oracle links
oracle.com Oracle Corporation
metalink.oracle.com Oracle MetaLink (customers only)
edelivery.oracle.com Oracle E-Delivery
 ----- Brugergrupper -----
odtug.com ODTUG - Oracle Developer Tools User Group
oaug.com OAUG - Oracle Applications User Group
ioug.org IOUG - International Oracle User Group
eouc.org EOUC - EMEA Oracle Usergroup Council
oracleuser.co.uk UKOUG - The UK Oracle User Group
 ----- Publikationer -----
oracle.com/oramag Oracle Publishing
pinnaclepublishing.com Oracle Professional from Pinnacle
oreview.com Oracle View Archives (Sidste opdatering: vinter 1998)
oracle-internals.cc Oracle Internals
 ----- FAQs -----
orafaq.net Oracle Underground FAQ
 ----- Presentations & Whitepapers -----
 Oracle OpenWorld Archives
 Oracle OpenWorld - Content Catalog
 OTN's "Greatest Hits" (CD Downloads)
 ----- Resources & Blogs -----
scaleabilities.co.uk Scale Abilities (James Morle & Jeff Needham)
  --  Scaling Oracle8i - The Creative Commons Release
smdi.com/employee/JohnF John Flack
oracledoug.com/serendipity Doug's Oracle Blog (Doug Burns)
adp-gmbh.ch René Nyffenegger on Oracle (ADP - Analyse, Design & Programmierung GmbH)
gplivna.eu Whitepapers and notes about Oracle by Gints Plivna
adellera.it Alberto Dell'Era's Homepage
centrexcc.com Centrex Consulting Corporation (Wolfgang Breitling)
technology.amis.nl AMIS Technology blog
dulcian.com Dulcian, Inc. (Dr. Paul Dorsey)
integrid.info integrid.info (Tanel Põder)
petefinnigan.com Pete Finnigan - Oracle and Oracle security information
red-database-security.com Oracle Security Services by Red-Database-Security GmbH
oaktable.net OakTable Network
oracleadvice.com OracleAdvice
devx.com/dbzone/defaultor DevX: Database Development Zone
hotsos.com hotsos.com - Oracle performance software, ... (Cary Millsap, Jeff Holt, ...)
oraperf.com OraPerf.com - The Oracle Instance Performance Portal (Anjo Kolk)
oracledba.co.uk Oracle DBA (co.uk) (Connor McDonald)
JaredStill.com Jared's Home Page - JaredStill.com
sagelogix.com SageLogix - Oracle and Infrastructure Expertise (Tim Gorman)
evdbt.com Evergreen Database Technologies, Inc. - Expert Oracle Consulting Services
(Tim Gorman & Jeff Maresh)
tusc.com TUSC - Oracle Consulting, Oracle DBA Support, and Oracle Training
oracle-base.com ORACLE-BASE - Oracle DBA resources (Tim Hall)
dbazine.com/ch_oracle DBAzine.com - ORACLE Resources
dbasupport.com DBAsupport.com - The Knowledge Center for Oracle Professionals
speakeasy.org/~jwilton/oracle Oracle Database Administration Rants (Jeremiah Wilton, ORA-600)
naturaljoin.nl Natural Join B.V. (Lex de Haan)
rittman.net Mark Rittman's Oracle Weblog
cheshamdbs.com Chesham Database Systems (Mark A. Williams)
roughsea.com RoughSea Database Consultancy
miracleas.dk Miracle A/S - Database Knowledge Center
akadia.com/html/publications Akadias Publications
trivadis.ch/publikationen trivadis.com - Publications
pontis.biz Pontis
niall.litchfield.dial.pipex.com Niall's Oracle Pages
tc.umn.edu/~hause011 Database Administration and SQL Scripts
enquery.com enquery - Papers & Presentations
cda-llc.com/pubs Creative Design Associates - Publications
dbaoncall.net DBAonCall.net
myoracleportal.com MyOraclePortal
kevinclosson.wordpress.com Kevin Closson's Oracle Blog
el-caro.blogspot el-caro (Fairlie Rego)
archimedes.bitfine.com/dms/oracle ORACLE Articles | Archimedes
 ----- Misc. Oracle(-related) Blogs -----
 Blogging About Oracle (LogicaCMG)
 Grants Blog
 H.Tonguç YILMAZ Blog
 Igor's Oracle Lab
 Radio Free Tooting
 Oracle blog
 Andrejus Baranovskis's Blog
 ----- E-Business Suite Blogs -----
blogs.oracle.com/schan Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Blog
itsafeature.com The Feature (using Oracle Applications without losing your mind)
orclville.blogspot.com ORCLville (current trends and future direction of Oracle's E-Business Suite)
 ----- Værktøjer -----
plnet.org PLNet.org -- An Open Source Repository for PL-SQL Developers
chrispoole.co.uk Christopher Poole Oracle Database Consultancy with XUTL Packages
allroundautomations.nl Allround Automations with PL/SQL Developer
orcl-toolbox.com ORCL-Toolbox Online with FormsAPI Master and FormsTool
quest.com Quest Software with Toad and more...
ubtools.com ubTools - Web Based Oracle Products and Services
dbatoolz.com DBAToolZ - Database monitoring and diagnostics tools, free SQL Scripts
performance-insight.com Performance Insight - Oracle Database performance management tool
tora.sourceforge.net TOra - Toolkit for Oracle
 ----- Bøger, Links, Jobs, Nyheder, ... -----
oracle-books.com Oracle-Books.com
oraclenotes.com Oraclenotes.com - Community for the Oracle DBA
oraclepower.com Oracle Power
theoraclejobsite.com Oracle Recruitment : The Oracle Job Site : Oracle Jobs & Recruitment Online UK
oracle.ittoolbox.com/news ITtoolbox Oracle Headlines
nasdaq.com?ORCL NASDAQ - Company News - ORCL
comp.databases.oracle.* Google Search: comp.databases.oracle
maillist Oracle Mailing List
  --  FreeLists - oracle-l
--  FreeLists - oradev
 PDF links
pdfzone.com PDFzone.com
pdf-tools.com pdf-tools.com
lowagie.com/iText iText, a Free Java-PDF Library Home Page
 Perl links
ebb.org/PickingUpPerl Picking Up Perl
 Web Design & Programming links
  -- Swearing (a.k.a. Modern Web Design), XML, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, DOM Scripting, Browsers, ...
useit.com Jakob Nielsen's site (Usability and Web Design)
  --  The Jakob Nielsen Drinking Game
--  Shirky - An Open Letter to Jakob Nielsen
37signals.com/dnf Design Not Found: The Best and Worst of Contingency Design
tomalak.org Tomalak's Realm: Daily Links to Strategic Web Design News
webstyleguide.com Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition
GBS Yahoo! UI Library: Graded Browser Support (GBS)
  --  Inclusive Web Design
--  Unobtrusive JavaScript
--  --  Free JavaScripts, tutorials and tools - Onlinetools.org
--  --  Web Development Articles by Christian Heilmann
--  --  Links about unobtrusive Javascript
--  DOM Scripting: Hijax
--  --  Adactio: Jeremy Keith
--  --  --  Adactio: Journal - Progressive enhancement with Ajax
--  --  DOM Scripting: The book
--  --  Bulletproof Ajax by Jeremy Keith
webtouch.dk webtouch.dk
 Windows? Windows links
annoyances.org Annoyances.org (9x/me/NT/2K/XP)
codeproject.com The Code Project (Your Visual Studio and .NET Homepage)
asp.net ASP.NET Web: The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
msdn.microsoft.com MSDN Home Page
  --  MSDN: Scripting
--  Visual Studio Express
grigsoft.com Grig Software
microsoft.com/downloads Microsoft Download Center
  --  Download details: Visio 2003 Viewer
--  Download details: Word 2003 XML Viewer
--  Download details: Word Viewer 2003
--  Download details: Snapshot Viewer for Access 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97
--  Download details: Excel Viewer 2003
--  Download details: PowerPoint Viewer 2003
sysinternals.com Sysinternals Freeware (9x/me/NT/2K/XP)
chilkatsoft.com Chilkat Software
snafu.de/tilman/xenulink Xenu's Link Sleuth
gnuwin32.sourceforge.net GnuWin32
 XML+XSL links
rpbourret.com/xml/XMLAndDatabases XML and Databases
netcrucible.com Unofficial MSXML XSLT FAQ (XSLT Test Tool, XSLT Processor Installer, ...)
ibiblio.org/xml Cafe con Leche XML News and Resources
zvon.org ZVON.org - The Guide to the XML Galaxy
xml_no_magic Shirky - XML: No Magic Problem Solver (15.09.2000)
plain Plain Text and XML (05.05.2003)
xml.apache.org Apache XML Project (xml.apache.org)
dpawson.co.uk/xsl/sect3 FO Questions
renderx.com/tutorial XSL FO Tutorial
msdn.microsoft.com XML Spreadsheet Reference
msdn.microsoft.com/xml Microsoft XML Developer Center
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