From: "Jeff Urlwin" <>
To: "'DBI developers'" <>, <>
Subject: Binary version of DBI, DBD-ODBC, DBD-Oracle, DBD-DB2 available (back up with new versions)
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 11:15:36 -0500
Message-ID: <002f01c3ea70$f5528ad0$> should be back up now... I had a UPS die badly and since
died, the original server stopped working.

Please let me know on the dbi-users mailing list if you have issues.

Also, since the original announcement, I have upgraded to DBI version 1.40,
DBD-Oracle 1.15 and added DBD-DB2.

Also note that if you get DBD-xxx from my site, I strongly recommend you get
DBI from my site too. At the very least, make sure you are running the same
DBI that I'm running.

I've restructured a bit and am basing the directory structure upon the
perl version, not the AS build number. 808 reports as 5.8.2, so

Contains all the 5.8.2 specific versions. You may directly download all the
files in that directory (say: c:\tmp) and run the following commands from
your command prompt:

ppm install c:\tmp\DBI.ppd
ppm install c:\tmp\DBD-ODBC.ppd
ppm install c:\tmp\DBD-Oracle.ppd
ppm install c:\tmp\DBD-DB2.ppd

The following command lines should also work for those directly connected to
the net...see ActiveState's documentation on PPM regarding proxies, etc, if
this doesn't work:

ppm install
ppm install
ppm install
ppm install
I *still* have plans for building more modules, but I haven't gotten
to them yet. I've just made it easier to build and put them up on my
site, so that's a step. Some of the other modules require database
software, which may be an issue. I do plan on looking into some
obvious modules, time is limited.