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Bemærk venligst, at disse sider mestendels er på engelsk - please note, that most of these pages are not in Danish!
ours Often used references (OURs)
Links to helpful utilities and tips
  --  Unix Tree - Linux Tree • Display Structure of Directory Hierarchy (Unix)
  --  Finde dubletter ved hjælp af betinget formatering (Microsoft Excel 2003)
  --  How To Advice: Stop Caching (Prevent IE Caching During Partial Page Updates)
  --  myip.dk - shows Your IP!
  --  bzip2 : Home
  --  HtPasswd (for Windows)
  --  VB Helper: HowTo: Convert a date string with known format into a Date
  --  Reading value from windows registry
  --  batpower.txt (THE BATPOWER FAQ) (Last revision: 28 Jun 96)
  --  MS-DOS help and commands
  --  HOW TO: Disable the Automatic Desktop Cleanup Feature in Windows XP
  --  Add Command Prompt Here Shortcut to Windows Explorer
--  -- Method #5: Through the Registry illustrated (in Danish):

Command Prompt here...

Cmd.exe /k pushd %L
--  How to stop IE6 from reusing existing window...
IE6 - Tools - Internet Options...

Internet Options - Advanced Settings - Reuse windows for launching shortcuts
--  How to troubleshoot configuration errors by using the System Configuration utility in Windows XP
  --  Small bat-script - lcd.bat - to use instead of cd, that sets the title of the Command Prompt window to the current directory:
C:\Programmer\Support Tools>type lcd.bat
@echo off
cd %1
if errorlevel=0 goto OK
goto EXIT
title %CD%

C:\Programmer\Support Tools>lcd .
  --  Show Desktop (Windows XP) command file - Show Desktop.scf - contents (in case you accidentally deleted it (I did)):

Bemærk venligst, at disse sider er på engelsk - please note, that these pages are not in Danish!
/oracle Oracle stuff
  • Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ)
  • Oracle Architecture
  • DBD::Oracle for ActiveState Perl
  • Oracle Forms
  • SQL, SQL*Plus, and PL/SQL scripts
  • Whitepapers and Articles
/oracle/edw Oracle and Enterprise Data Warehousing
  --  Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Data Warehousing: Books, Links
  • Oracle Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Manuals, White Papers, Articles, Links, Books
/oracle/rep Oracle Reporting (Oracle Reports and Oracle XML Publisher)
/oracle/oif Oracle is funny (that way) (OIF)
links#oracle Oracle links
cedet.blogspot CIO: Counter-intuitive Oracle (BLOG)

 Perl (and Ruby)
Bemærk venligst, at disse sider er på engelsk - please note, that these pages are not in Danish!
/perl Perl stuff
  • Books: Perl for Oracle DBAs and Programmering the Perl DBI
  • DBI, DBD::ODBC and DBD::Oracle for ActiveState Perl 5.8.x
  • Windows (ActivePerl 5.8.0) version of W3C's Link Checker Perl-script
  -- see also Ruby (vs. Perl)
links#perl Perl links

/xml XML og relaterede teknologier
  • Diverse citater og tips (på dansk - in Danish)
links#xml XML links
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